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At The Med Chat, we understand that selecting the right procedure is a crucial decision on your journey to wellness. Our platform offers a comprehensive selection of procedures, expert advice, and personalized recommendations tailored to your needs. With The Med Chat, you can confidently explore, compare, and select the perfect procedure that aligns with your goals and preferences. Join us today and embark on your path to a healthier, happier you.

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Angela Chatterfield

Angela Chatterfield - The Authority in Aesthetic Patient Engagement

Harnessing Angela Chatterfield’s extensive experience since 1994, The Med Chat (www.themedchat.com) emerges as a beacon of transformation. With a background in steering plastic surgery practices, advising as a practice consultant, and spearheading Elite Med Listings, Angela brings a unique perspective to the industry. The Med Chat isn’t just about finding the right surgeon; it’s about creating a seamless experience that caters to your needs and aspirations.
Angela’s journey, steeped in industry nuances, reflects her deep understanding. As a trusted consultant, she’s sculpted success stories, earning her stripes as a savvy strategist. Now, with The Med Chat, Angela’s mission expands further: crafting experiences that exceed expectations. Join us on this journey toward a radiant you. Reach out to The Med Chat today. And the best part? Our services are free, reflecting our commitment to accessibility and empowerment.

What Our Guest Say…

With a proven track record of over 1000 meaningful conversations with many successful matches, we are the ultimate platform for those seeking expert cosmetic surgery solutions.
This Experience Has Been Awesome!!
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“I am the happiest woman alive! This experience has been awesome!! Thank you, The Med Chat. One call and they did the work. Love it!!"
Truly a Game-Changer for Me!
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“I'll admit, I've been burned before by online consultations – all glitz and no substance. So, when a friend mentioned The Med Chat, I rolled my eyes. But, wow, was I wrong to doubt! From the very start, my patient coordinator made me feel like I was her only focus. She not only broke down the liposuction procedure for me but took the time to understand my allergies and how they might affect the process. They really went above and beyond, ensuring I had all the info before my actual appointment. By the time I was set for my procedure, I felt so informed and ready. And guess what? It all went off without a hitch. Next time I consider any medical procedure, The Med Chat will be my first stop!”
The Experience Was Personal
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“My husband called first to check out The Med Chat. He was so impressed that they spoke with him and then they called ME! The experience was personal. They never made me feel rushed even though I had lots of questions. They prepared me for the consultation and the procedure. They helped me line up my financing and we love the plastic surgeon who they referred. The calls they made to check up on me were an encouragement and I knew I had a knowledgeable friend in my corner”
They've Earned My Trust!
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“Never thought I’d rave about an online medical consult, but here we are! The Med Chat was like a breath of fresh air in a sea of generic, sales-driven consultations. They genuinely listened to my concerns about getting a rhinoplasty. My patient coordinator was incredibly informed and clarified all the myths I'd heard. They even took the time to analyze my current medications and how they might interact with post-surgery meds. The day I finally went for my procedure, I walked in with confidence, knowing I was in good hands. The Med Chat? More like The Med Champ in my book!”
What a Refreshing Experience!
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"I've waded through countless online services, and most of them felt like scripted sales pitches. I was almost giving up, and then I stumbled upon The Med Chat. From the get-go, the vibe was different. My patient coordinator felt like a friend guiding me through the process of my eyelid surgery. She was thorough, ensuring I understood every step and even helping me plan for post-surgery care, considering my diabetes. And you know what? The procedure was smooth sailing! If I ever decide on another treatment, there's no doubt I'm heading straight to The Med Chat."
Absolutely Thrilled with The Med Chat
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"Let me tell you, I was super nervous about getting breast augmentation, but The Med Chat was a total super rad! Their team, especially my coordinator, was so down-to-earth and knowledgeable. She really took the time to go over everything, like how my meds would work with the surgery. It totally eased my nerves. And when they hooked me up with this amazing surgeon, I knew I was in good hands. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. Big shoutout to The Med Chat for making it all happen!"
Liposuction with a Personal Touch
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"Going for liposuction was a big step for me, and I was freaking out a bit, not gonna lie. But reaching out to The Med Chat? Best decision ever. My coordinator was like this encyclopedia of plastic surgery, but super friendly and approachable. He explained everything, tailored it to my health history, and the surgeon they suggested was just perfect. The whole experience was smooth sailing, and I’m over the moon with how it all turned out. Seriously, The Med Chat is the way to go."
Facelift Journey with Amazing Support
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"Deciding on a facelift was no small thing for me. I needed real pros to guide me, and that’s exactly what I got with The Med Chat. The folks there, especially my coordinator, were like personal guides through the whole thing. She really listened to what I wanted, and the insights on the procedure were just what I needed. The surgeon they recommended was incredible, too. The whole experience felt so tailored to me. I’m so grateful for the support and care I got from The Med Chat team."
Tummy Tuck with Confidence
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"Thinking about a tummy tuck was kind of scary at first. But then I got in touch with The Med Chat, and wow, did that change everything! My coordinator was a total sweetheart and knew everything there is to know about tummy tucks. She made me feel super comfortable with my decision and set me up with this amazing surgeon. The results? Absolutely life changing. I’m so, so thankful for all the guidance and support from The Med Chat. They really helped me through it all!"
Amazing Experience
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“Working with my virtual patient coordinator was an amazing experience. She helped me understand the difference between a tummy tuck and liposuction. She also covered the fact that I would need more recovery time and money. She was able to help me with a good financing option and even helped me get approved. When she called me back with my plastic surgeon referral, she told me not only why she chose him but also why he was a good choice for my situation. She transferred me to the practice, and they scheduled me right away! My consultation visit was so comfortable. It was like they already knew me. My surgery went smoothly, and I have the body I had before I had three kids. It was a pleasant surprise to receive a get-well card e-mailed from The Med Chat and phone calls to check up on me. I have already referred two of my friends. The Med Chat is the real deal, I not only have a friend I have an advocate. “
I Was So Excited. Everything Went Great!!
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“I was skeptical when I contacted The Med Chat. It seemed like another service that you call with a lot of talk just to get you to schedule with their plastic surgeon who advertises. I had already been on a website that emailed and shared patient stories. NOT helpful! I was ready to schedule my procedure. I did not want to be sold on other people’s results. When I sent an email to The Med Chat, they contacted me by phone and email. I did not remember contacting them, but I spoke with my patient coordinator he was gracious. He let me know that he was an RN and that we could spend as much time as necessary to help me. He explained the mommy makeover procedure and how my high blood pressure medication will play a part in my being a good candidate for surgery. I sent photos and he called me back to discuss them so that I could be prepared for my consultation. When he called me back 2 days later with my referral, I was so excited. Everything went great!! I will do something else at some point but never without The Med Chat! "

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